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Brady Bowen

123 Go

About Brady Bowen

Brady Bowen, 123 Go’s CEO, is a professional in the entertainment industry with over a decade of experience owning distribution companies. Brady grew up loving TV and film and hoping to enter the industry as he got older. In 2003, Brady began his entertainment career at Paragon Film Group, where he worked to redevelop their brand and transform into Spotlight Pictures.

Following his stint with Spotlight, Brady joined Vision Films and worked on worldwide sales and acquisitions. Although Brady enjoyed his time with these companies, he knew he needed to go off on his own and start his own distribution company. Thus, he created Archstone Distribution in 2009. This company would go on to distribute over 150 films and complete an output deal with Sony Pictures.

While his former company was successful, Brady Bowen created 123 Go as a way to further solidify his work in the entertainment industry. Brady is the Founder, President, and CEO at 123 Go, making him the main leader of the company. Due to Brady’s success in marketing and distribution, sales, and team leadership, he believes that 123 Go will be a great addition to the industry. As Brady is a firm believer in constant growth, he looks forward to learning from his mistakes in his previous positions and making his new company as successful as it can be.

Brady Bowen’s work at 123 Go may be centered around high-level decision making, but some of the major contributing factors to those decisions are market trends. Brady will take note of which films are receiving major attention from audiences worldwide and in specific regions, allowing him to choose movies to distribute that may attract similar audiences. In addition, Brady keeps an eye on production companies to see which ones are producing the most notable movies on average.

Alongside his market awareness with big-name companies, Brady also pays attention to up-and-coming filmmakers and independent studios that are often overlooked. The films made by relatively unknown studios and individuals can become some of the most renowned and classic films, which is why he makes an extra effort not to ignore them. Brady believes that every filmmaker has to start somewhere, and if they can produce a great story, they deserve the same opportunity to be seen as any major filmmaker. Brady has enjoyed working with independent filmmakers and he plans to continue to do so in the future.

Although the future of the entertainment industry may be unpredictable at times as trends grow and fade, Brady Bowen of 123 Go looks forward to adapting to new challenges and working with new opportunities as they arise.

Outside of his work with 123 Go, Brady Bowen loves to spend his time outdoors, whether it be hiking, partaking in aquatic activities, or going for a walk with his pet Chihuahua. He also enjoys volunteering with animals, particularly by trying to find them good homes after they have been rescued. Brady is passionate about helping animals and he regularly donates to animal welfare organizations.