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The streaming wars really were a huge deal in 2020, and things changed a lot throughout the year. You know that streaming video is huge right now, and it might even be the most important entertainment medium. At the moment, the biggest companies are competing and positioning themselves for the future. Keep reading to learn about the big things that happened in 2020. 

Netflix Had a Great Year

Netflix is the king of the hill when it comes to streaming video services, and they have been for quite some time. However, the company is being challenged more than ever by new competitors stepping into the ring. Despite this, Netflix had a banner year with many huge movies and shows releasing on the platform. Netflix has managed to cultivate a slew of compelling original shows and movies from many different genres, and this makes a Netflix subscription feel like it has so much value. 

HBO Max and Disney+ Ramped Things up

The competition is really starting to ramp things up so that they can have a big 2021. While Disney+ and HBO Max might not be on the top right now, they’re really becoming more important platforms. In fact, Disney+ had some of the most talked-about and beloved content in 2020. Both HBO Max and Disney+ are positioning themselves so that they can try to claim the streaming crown in the years to come, and they’re doing so by having big movies premiere on their platforms as well as original shows. 

Companies Are Trying to Acquire Significant IPs

Having intellectual properties (IPs) that people care about is more important than ever now. The various streaming services are looking to buy the rights to work on shows and movies based on beloved IPs. There are many shows being worked on based on video games and book series right now. With the success of shows such as Castlevania and The Witcher on Netflix, companies are looking for properties that can turn into huge hits. 

Prices Are Going up

Prices are going up right now because streaming video platforms are becoming a replacement for cable. Most streaming services are hiking their prices each year, but they’re doing so at a modest pace. You’re seeing platforms raise their prices by just a dollar or two, but this is significant. Over time, streaming services have become much more expensive, and many people are subscribing to more than just one service.