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The COVID-19 pandemic caught a lot of people off-guard, and it has certainly had huge economic ramifications. This is something that has impacted every industry, but the entertainment industry has struggled in some interesting ways. Read on to learn about the impact that COVID-19 has had on the entertainment industry. This will show you just how much has changed because of the pandemic. 

The Movie Industry

Movies were severely impacted by the pandemic, and many big films were either pushed back or released on streaming services. Movie theaters have been largely shut down in various countries, and most Americans haven’t been to a movie theater in at least a year at this point. It’s unclear when the movie industry might get back to normal, but movies that are expected to do big box office numbers have been pushed back to try to give them a shot at success. Will movie theaters make a big comeback in a post-pandemic world or are people just used to being able to stream movies from the comfort of home now?

Filming Issues

Filming issues have also caused major productions to have to shut down. Many movies and television shows have been forced to postpone filming and some films that have attempted to keep things going encountered problems with the virus. Big Netflix shows such as GLOW were ultimately canceled due to the pandemic. Some of your favorite shows might sadly never come back due to filming issues that occurred during this time. 


Live music is one aspect of the entertainment industry that has suffered greatly. Due to the pandemic, it isn’t possible to safely gather for concerts any longer. Many musical artists and bands are having a tough time making ends meet since they rely on income from live shows. With so many musicians making little money from selling music due to streaming platforms, it’s not an easy time to be in the music industry. 

Video Games

Even the video game industry has been changed due to the pandemic. Video game developers have been forced to work remotely instead of being able to go into the office. This has led to major game delays, and some games have either shipped with a lot of bugs or been pushed back indefinitely. The video game industry has thrived during the pandemic, but things have been made a lot tougher for the people who make them.