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Businesses across the globe have taken massive hits since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some industries have been better off than others. Among the worst hit is the entertainment sector, including movie theaters. Without a clear end to the pandemic in sight, many people have wondered whether or not movie theaters can survive or if they will become a thing of the past. 

Fortunately, experts are reasonably certain that “cinema-going” experience will continue after the pandemic has ended (although many theaters may close along the way). Here are some of the reasons that movie theaters, in general, are likely to survive the pandemic.

People Are Sentimental About Movie Theaters

Many experts believe movie theaters will survive because most people have a sentimental attachment to them. Although seeing a new movie is now easier than ever before, people still enjoy the experience of watching a movie on a big screen surrounded by others. “Going to the movies” has always been about more than simply seeing a new film — it’s an experience. 

People Will Be Excited to Get Out After the Pandemic

Another reason cinemas should be here to stay is that people are likely to flock there once they feel it’s safe. After the shutdowns and quarantines of the past year, many people are itching to get out of their homes and return to some semblance of normal life. If people return to the cinemas once they feel comfortable, the business is likely to continue.

There Is Still Some Uncertainty

Despite some experts’ optimism, others still believe that movie theaters will struggle in the future. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming services are continuing to grow and add new subscribers each month. These services often include movies that skip the theater experience entirely. 

Furthermore, Warner Bros. recently announced that it would release 17 upcoming films on its HBO Max streaming service. These movies will be available for streaming on the same day they are released in theaters — a reality that is sure to further decimate cinemas in 2021. 

While no one can say for certain if movie theaters will survive the pandemic, one thing is for sure: If consumers want movie theaters to endure, they must be willing to support them. Once COVID-19 is at bay, make an effort to go to the movies. In the meantime, if your local theaters are offering at-home packages or “drive-in experiences,” do your best to patronize them. If we all do our part, movie theaters will have a better chance of surviving and being a part of the next generation.